Last week, road workers paved the road with asphalt to our school and made sure the driveway now looks nice and tidy. Only the asphalt is visible, but the main part is under the ground. The company who deals with this decided to extend the sewer pipes from Predoslje to the school. They also installed pipes to the fire hydrant but we hope we won’t need it, because it is intended for firefighters if case of fire.

Since workers were already around the school, they got permission from the local government they to pave the road in front of the school entrance, which had been in poor condition for several years.

According to the school caretaker, the school is not yet connected to sewers because it’s not working yet. When it starts working the building opposite the bicycle shed will be removed. We are still collecting ideas, maybe there will be a parking lot or a playground or something completely different.

If you want to know more about it, visit our school website.

Translated by Maja Martinek, 9. C

Original text written by Simon Demšar

Access to school was obstructed during roadwork. Planning new blinds for our school.