I think that teenagers break a lot of rules, especially the school rules and the rules they have at home, because they think that they’re not that important. Rules like not using your phone at school or no cheating at tests are broken every day, because teenagers think that they can’t get in trouble for them. I follow the rules I have at home, for example asking before I go somewhere, doing chores, doing my schoolwork,… and the school rules like not using my phone at school, not being late for class, not cheating at tests. Bu I have broken rules before, I broke rules my parents gave me, like getting home too late, not studying, etc. But I didn’t have very bad consequences.

A life without rules would be really bad, because the rules are made for a reason. For example, if the law didn’t exist, there would be a lot of crime, and no consequences for it. I think everyone breaks the rules sometimes, but some rules have to exist in order for us to be safe and healthy. If rules at school didn’t exist, nobody would care about education anymore, and they couldn’t get good jobs because of that. I wouldn’t like a world with no rules and I think nobody would. That’s why I think rules should exist.

Tijana Petrovič (spis na šolskem tekmovanju v znanju angleščine)